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  1. Roger Young
    Roger Young
    Doing well today and going to drop the price on the Super Blackhawk old model 3 screw. Yall have a good day
  2. Roger Young
    Roger Young
    Hello, I am a resident of southern Barren County near Fountain Run Ky. A firearm admirer especially winchester rifles.
  3. MikeE
    It's Friday!!
  4. atevoxoc
  5. AmberDawn
  6. cardsfan
    cardsfan Spaceman Spiff
    Is the Ruger Mark IV still for sale?
  7. Gun junkie
    Gun junkie
    Anderson AR 15. A Crossfire Dead Hold scope 4-12x44. Scope, scope mount, flip up lense an extra magazine. 1 box of shells thru it. $600.00
  8. Reverend Dreed
    Reverend Dreed paradiseisalie
    thanks for joining tell us a little about yourself , your interests. Family etc.
  9. Danny groce
    Danny groce
    Chiefs special model cs9
  10. MrSmitty
    MrSmitty Chase
    I have a Rock Island 1911 CS 3.5 bbl .45ACP 3 mags (two 8rd, one 7rd)
  11. MrSmitty
    MrSmitty Burnnd1
    What model Smith do you have?
  12. Akelly740
    Selling aero-precision AR-15 with Daniel defence floating rail, red dot sight, scope, mounted fishlight, laser. perfect condition $1200, OBO
  13. Reverend Dreed
    Reverend Dreed omusiwora
    if you are signing up here to post spam you will be banned and deleted before any one can read it
  14. rugershooter
    rugershooter Josh357
    where do you want to meet?
    1. Josh357
      I live in Middletown, where are you coming from? You can text me at 502 338 9841.
      Feb 28, 2017
  15. rugershooter
    rugershooter Josh357
    150 for the wingmaster?
    1. Josh357
      Yeah, I'll do $150.
      Feb 27, 2017
  16. Randy mink
    Randy mink
    L9cated in somerset ky
  17. hANNAbONE
  18. Bobby Damrell
    Bobby Damrell
    Selling a gun
  19. Whiskeytangofoxtrot
    Nut behind the bolt.
  20. Caveman Jim
    Caveman Jim
    I am a southerner by the grace of God Since then 30+ years have passed since I made my home in the PNW I have never looked back.