Area 5 Steel Challenge Championship

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    The Riley Conservation Club in Riley, Indiana, will host the Atlanta Arms Area 5 Steel Challenge Championship.
    This is a Tier 3 Steel Challenge Shooting Association event and will require competitors to be current USPSA members.
    This is a trophy match, recognizing:
    Limited, Open, Production, Single Stack, Carry Optics, Iron Sight Revolver, Optic Sight Revolver, PCCI, PCCO, RFPI, RFPO, RFRO and RFRI.

    Registration opens at 6 a.m. EST, April 15, limited to the first 320 slots.

    8 Steel Challenge Stages
    $100 first gun, $30 each additional

    4 gun package $175

    Payback will be:
    $250 for Steel Master (1 Rimfire Pistol, 1 Centerfire Optics Pistol, 1 Centerfire Iron Pistol)
    $150 for Rifle Master (1 Rimfire Rifle and 1 PCC)
    $100 for Centerfire Pistol first place
    $100 for Rimfire Pistol first place
    $100 for Rimfire Rifle first place
    $100 for PCC first place

    You may shoot a maximum of two guns per session. We will be using half-day sessions: Friday afternoon, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning

    If you are interested in working the match, RO'ING, staff will be able to shoot one gun for free plus have a staff package.
    Please contact
    Steve Wright or Jake Martens

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