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    A lone woman coming out of a shopping mall, a mother at the movies with her children, and a father on an outing with his family all have one thing in common: Each can at a moments notice find themselves caught off guard in a robbery attempt or violent assault, and have to fight their way out of it to save themselves. Such incidents happen much closer and faster than many of us want or expect. Do you know how training for such events differs from your normal range training or target shooting? This class is NOT about being tactical, or using flashy, cool looking techniques, but rather, its about mastering the basics, and applying them to Real World Self Defense. This class also addresses the psychological and physiological affects on those involved. Past attendees have called this training unorthodox and realistic.

    With hands on coaching, you will train in context, learning new skills, to include Counter Ambush, Active Shooter Response, extreme CQB, Emergency One Hand Shooting, Reloading and Clearing Malfunctions under stress, and more!

    When - September 23 and 24, 2017 - 9:00am - 5:00pm each day

    Where - Openrange Sports, 6401 Cross Keys Blvd., Crestwood, KY 40014

    Cost - $399

    Instructor: Marlan Ingram, former LE Officer/Trainer, Competitive Shooter, Firearms and Def Tactics Instructor

    Gear needed - a modern semi auto pistol (9m, 40, 45, etc), a strong side holster, sturdy, concealed carry belt, 3 magazines, 2 magazine pouches, eye/ear protection, and a great attitude.

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