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    Hey all...

    I looked back at my profile and saw that my first posts to this board were way back in 2013...but I don't remember if I ever did an "introduction" post! So anyway, thought I would introduce myself again.

    I'm just your average guy in his early fifties. I didn't grow up around guns, but I've made up for that in my adult life. I do AutoCad related stuff all day. No kiddos, so I try to be a good uncle. I love cars of ALL kinds, with a soft spot for musclecars and exotics. I nerd-out on sci-fi stuff at times too.

    As far as guns....I have my share. I love em all, but have a strong interest in Beretta's. I hate to say it, but I'm more of a collector than a shooter, though I intend to make more time to get to the range. Living in Louisville, just means I gotta hit the indoor range or KCR. I do have my CCW and am interested in getting some additional training too.

    I met a couple of members through transactions early on, but mostly just get on here and read whats new. I don't post much, mostly because I don't have much to say! I'm not a social media person and I spend my whole day on a computer, so I don't always feel much like coming home and doing more of it! LOL So if I don't respond quickly, that would be why.

    Anyway...hope to interact more and get to know/meet some of ya in the future.

    Take care....Rollerball

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