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    Finally able to get one of the Howa HCR chassis rifles out for review and man I'm so glad I got one. My offering is in 243, but they come in 223,308, and 6.5 Creedmoor as well. It shot awesome out of the box and the chassis puts recoil straight back into the shoulder for a very controllable rig. I topped it with an Athlon Argos BTR 6-24x50 set in some Burris XTR rings and I have to say its one of the nicest setups I've had for no more than was spent. I really like the Accurate Mag chassis as it just feels very well built and the addition of the forend I think is a very nice touch. These rifles are cheaper than the Stealth and RPR and shoot and come with a steel AI mag, which is a very nice as these mags arn't cheap. Accuracy was spot on out of the box even during break-in posting sub MOA accuracy. Along with other Sub-MOA groups posted in the review video shooting nothing more than cheap hunting ammo. Only downside to me personally is I wish they'd used the fixed Luth AR rifle stock instead of the adjustable one. As the adjustable one has some wobble, but its not a deal breaker. For anyone looking for a extremely accurate well built chassis rifle out of the box, the Howa is defiantly one to take a look at.


    These were from barrel break in at 110yrds, not bad for the first shots out of the rifle.

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