RWI XMAS Shoot - Dec 13th

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    *Prior Students Only*

    RWI XMAS Shoot
    Date: Dec 13th
    Time: 1000hr
    Cost: $50
    Ammo: 250rds Rifle - 250rds Pistol

    This day at the range is dedicated to show appreciation to all our students past and present. It will be a fun day of training and shooting competitions. Along with a special give away for one lucky student. This will be our last course of the year and our last course as RWI Tactical. It has been a great ride and has been a privilege to teach many of you over the last 5 years. We hope that you all have taken away at least one thing from us, that has helped you to become a better shooter.

    I'll still be offering private courses for those wishing to still seek training with me. Once things get squared away and some restructuring as been done. We will be back, better than before and will continue to provide the highest quality training possible to our students. Thank you all, it has been a honor and a pleasure.

    Until next time, stay resilient my friends.

    RWI Crew
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    Sounds like fun!

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